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FESX +8 ticks with perfect conditions to enter

In the morning i have another opportunity to enter at 9.30 but i prefer to wait until reach R1, in the afternoon i got another 4 ticks under perfect conditions too. After that and reach my daily limit of 8 ticks i prefer to leave from the market.

I saved the video of my last trade in my new youtube channel:


  1. Comment by mci:


    Nice stuff! 🙂 Keep doing your great work.

    I have got a two questions:

    1) You are trading since 2011… are you profitable?
    2) How is the liquidity of the 6E future? Do you get rapidly filled?

    Thanks and good trades.

  2. Comment by mjose:

    1. Yes
    2. 6E Very liquid, i think too much, because it move too fast. I am considering to trade minisp instead, but for this i think i will use 3 minute charts.

  3. Comment by mci:

    Yes I understand.

    Do you want to trade ES during regular trading hours, or also off hours?

    For the EUREX, do use also Level2 datafeed?

    greetings mci

  4. Comment by mci:

    And why do use a 4 tick chart for the FESX? Did you try any other?

    Sry, lots of questions…

    greetings mci

  5. Comment by mjose:

    I will do at same times as FESX London Open and US open sessions.
    I dont need to use level2 datafeeds.
    Yes using same strategy paradigm you can use time charts too with different setups, to use bigger ranges need to have more risk because you should increase TP and SL, for the quiet nature of the FESX 4 ticks range chart is the most appropiate

    Dont worry you can ask anything you want, maybe if you start to use this system i could ask to you about your experience…

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