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Mjose Journal

Welcome to Mjose Journal, it will be a place where i will post my trading everyday with a new Manual trading strategy i am testing.

To have a journal is something very recommended to register a log of all your trades and review it to analyze our errors and remember our best trades situation.

I will trade Eurostoxx50 (FESX) Futures and Euro/USD Futures (6E)

Why FESX? To trade in real mode i am using a different platform and i need some time to open positions because i have to enter price number manually, this make very slow and i miss many trades, and for learning and testing purposes is the better i have found. Anyway sometimes i use 6E when market condition allow me to have the time to open position at the price.

I use range charts with minute charts for confirmation.

My trading times are from 8.30 to 11.30 london opening and 14.30 to 17.30 USA opening hours

I use an scalping strategy that use 4-5 ticks of Stop Loss and 4 ticks to Take Profits, this could be changed depending of market conditions and news.

I use Ninjatrader 7.

Glossary of Stock market slang, we say enter long when we buy and enter short when we sell.


  1. Comment by Fran:

    Podrias describir tu estrategia?
    Qué indicadores usas?


  2. Comment by mjose:

    Fran: i have created a new page exaplaing this strategy at:


  3. Comment by jose:

    Aunque sea pocos tick los que estas ganando , es casi agua bendita para el inicio.
    Continua por el camino empezado

  4. Comment by mjose:

    Si Jose, agua bendita milagrosa, bueno ya sabes muchos pocos suman pocos muchos y lo mejor con poco riesgo cuando la estrategia funciona.

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