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FESX short 2460 +4 ticks short 2455 +4 ticks = total +8 ticks positive

From 9.00 AM we have some other opportunities but ATR was too close,  perhaps you can find more secure to enter at 9.00 or 9.30 where looks a good downtrend but nobody cant know how many time price could continue with downtrend, but what we know is the highest probabilities to enter safely and have […]

FESX short 2490 +4 ticks positive at 15.50 PM in 5 minutes

I had two more opportunities at 9:05 AM and 14:54 PM but in both cases price was very near from ATR bands and prefer to avoid this trades with less probabilities, anyway it was winner trades too. At 15.50 PM i have good conditions to enter with sufficient space upto ATR bands

FESX long 2539 +4 ticks positive

In the morning i prefered dont risk me to enter before S2 was crossed because it was ranging last day in this zone, but when S2 was crossed it was too late to enter because EMA8 was too far, later it was ranging and EMA8 was flat until US open, at 17h. i enter long […]

FESX 2539 long +4 ticks positive

At 9:31 AM we have another opportunity but, checked that Euro futures was falling very fast and it will make eurostoxx fall too and i avoid that trade. This is the difference between discretional trading and automated systems, sometimes we use our intuition, or any other instruments information when we have doubts when trend is […]

FESX no trades chopping day and 1 trade missed in the US session

Almost all day was chopping, from 15.51 candle was all an appropiate moment to enter except because it ATR bands was being touched already and i am not sure we was leaving from the choppy market still, so i prefer to wait to the next wave, next signal come at 17.08 candle, but i missed […]

FESX 2543 long +4 ticks but i should wait to pass R5 resistance to have more probabilities

It was very near from my stop at 2439,  it was choppy from the morning, it think i should be wait until it had passed the R5 resistance, but finally i got 4 ticks! the bar still very near from EMA8 so i could have wait and get at leat 4 ticks more, it continued […]

FESX 2528 long +1 tick positive with wrong trade: incorrect bar color, ATR range reached, R2 not passed

I arrived too late to the party, i was moving to Malaga In this trade i entered long at 2528, but i missed to enter in the green bar (17.00), desesperately i entered in the red bar, when already was falling (big ERROR),it was more than 5 minutes in range of indecision moving between 2528 […]

FESX 2480 long +5 ticks positive

I should see camarilla pivots and see once we pass R4 we it should reach R5.

FESX 2507 short and 2499 short +8 ticks positive

FESX 2507 short +4 ticks and 2499 short +4 ticks Good day to trade