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I arrived too late to the party, i was moving to Malaga

In this trade i entered long at 2528, but i missed to enter in the green bar (17.00), desesperately i entered in the red bar, when already was falling (big ERROR),it was more than 5 minutes in range of indecision moving between 2528 -2529, i decided to leave with a tick and avoid lost this trade. I noticed later 2 more reason to avoid this trade: ATR range has been reached and R2 camarilla pivots was not passed

Non-farm employment change was again positive for the USD, was a good opportunity for the 6E.

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Althought last day FESX was trending up, new day is another history, and At the first hour of the day, i think its too soon to see where will go the market, so i think i should wait a little bit until some camarilla levels has been passed. FESX and 6E was ranging this morning, so no trades should be taken.
I entered long at 2524 about 8 AM, anyway it was too late, we have better probabilities when we enter at least in the middle of the candle. In addition i notice later that R1 camarilla levels was not passed.

i thin the party will begin from 14:30 we have lots of reports…

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