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Almost all day was chopping, from 15.51 candle was all an appropiate moment to enter except because it ATR bands was being touched already and i am not sure we was leaving from the choppy market still, so i prefer to wait to the next wave, next signal come at 17.08 candle, but i missed that trade because i prefer to open positions always a tick before and when it was at 2586 i put a my buy limit at 2585 where the its the yellow arrow, but order was not filled and i missed that trade.

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In the morning i have another opportunity to enter at 9.30 but i prefer to wait until reach R1, in the afternoon i got another 4 ticks under perfect conditions too. After that and reach my daily limit of 8 ticks i prefer to leave from the market.

I saved the video of my last trade in my new youtube channel:

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It was very near from my stop at 2439,  it was choppy from the morning, it think i should be wait until it had passed the R5 resistance, but finally i got 4 ticks! the bar still very near from EMA8 so i could have wait and get at leat 4 ticks more, it continued trending up.

In the morning at 10.57 AM i had a perfect opportunity but i was distracted and missed that trade. Anyway at 11 AM was news: ZEW economy sentiment report and its better dont to trade 5 minutes before or after the report.

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I arrived too late to the party, i was moving to Malaga

In this trade i entered long at 2528, but i missed to enter in the green bar (17.00), desesperately i entered in the red bar, when already was falling (big ERROR),it was more than 5 minutes in range of indecision moving between 2528 -2529, i decided to leave with a tick and avoid lost this trade. I noticed later 2 more reason to avoid this trade: ATR range has been reached and R2 camarilla pivots was not passed

Non-farm employment change was again positive for the USD, was a good opportunity for the 6E.

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Althought last day FESX was trending up, new day is another history, and At the first hour of the day, i think its too soon to see where will go the market, so i think i should wait a little bit until some camarilla levels has been passed. FESX and 6E was ranging this morning, so no trades should be taken.
I entered long at 2524 about 8 AM, anyway it was too late, we have better probabilities when we enter at least in the middle of the candle. In addition i notice later that R1 camarilla levels was not passed.

i thin the party will begin from 14:30 we have lots of reports…

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I should see camarilla pivots and see once we pass R4 we it should reach R5.

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First trade Entered short 2444, was wrong the EMA was flat

Second trade: I entered long at 2454 was too late, i should have entered at 2452


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FESX 2507 short +4 ticks and 2499 short +4 ticks

Good day to trade

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Mjose Journal

By mjose | Filed in Trading Journal

Welcome to Mjose Journal, it will be a place where i will post my trading everyday with a new Manual trading strategy i am testing.

To have a journal is something very recommended to register a log of all your trades and review it to analyze our errors and remember our best trades situation.

I will trade Eurostoxx50 (FESX) Futures and Euro/USD Futures (6E)

Why FESX? To trade in real mode i am using a different platform and i need some time to open positions because i have to enter price number manually, this make very slow and i miss many trades, and for learning and testing purposes is the better i have found. Anyway sometimes i use 6E when market condition allow me to have the time to open position at the price.

I use range charts with minute charts for confirmation.

My trading times are from 8.30 to 11.30 london opening and 14.30 to 17.30 USA opening hours

I use an scalping strategy that use 4-5 ticks of Stop Loss and 4 ticks to Take Profits, this could be changed depending of market conditions and news.

I use Ninjatrader 7.

Glossary of Stock market slang, we say enter long when we buy and enter short when we sell.

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